playing, just for fun (trad vlouise)

A warm hello to all my friends, even those who refuse to play with me.
Well, it’s my turn to write something now, they told me. Yes, we’re only talking about wari, just a game to rack your brains and feel good.
I enjoy playing that game. I used to play a lot, a long time ago, in the dust of Burkinabe Sahel, with a true board, and you have to know by yourself how many seeds you have won already, and where will the last seed end. We played only for pleasure, sometimes without a smile, but as seriously as possible. Moussa taught me that if you start playing wari, you will miss your life, and Boubakar told me that you should’nt play at night, it offends spirits.
Long live Africa!

After a long break, I met the game again on the internet, first on Awanet, then on Ludoteka, and today in the Polish hen-house. There I found my masters, Koume and Yao in particular, the challenge awakened and stimulated me, so that I had to change something in my way of thinking wari. Play for pleasure only???
No more possible.

I learnt something, and not only to play at night, but also another feeling too, that one you have on kurnik, you make war with wari, almost in a perfect way. The game starts with a little rudish Polish insult, then you must play as quick as a reproducing rabbit, and end up abruptly without understanding how: sudden death.

Long live kurnik!

You find true players there in numbers. Quality and quantity look the same: 30 games a day, sorry, a night, that’s nothing, it can’t give good results, the spirits say.
Stop crying, go back to Burkina, Bangara fitini…

Okay, let us accept things as they are and do our best. We could have played in a friendly way, in a peaceful way, with nice friends. But the gods of wari gave us ranking. That’s why there are no more friends, I have to look for weaker opponents in order to shine…of course will you say, everything’s got its mark, isn’t it true? You are right: there’s no cheating computer in any ranking.

I would like to play with the people I know on the internet, just for fun, but believe me it is not possible, ranking is nothing to me because of the bad conditions under which I have to play: bad connection or bugs, power cuts, trees falling down on telephone lines, and so on…I don’t need to prove myself as a player in front of others, I don’t need tournaments to feel good, but…

I need you!!!! From time to time I play, no this is not playing, it is struggling, against the Wari Machine, it is another kind of game, you know. There seem to be other players unhappy with the way it goes with ranking, and I suggest this: you do not refuse to play with me and I will offer you highly interesting games, and if such is your wish, I give you as many points as you like.


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